Drumming up Communication

More than just fun

Are you looking for an activity that will energise, de-stress, and connect your team? Research has shown that group drumming offers real mental and physical benefits. We provide an amazing drumming experience that delivers all that and more. Perfect for employee wellbeing days, ice breakers, conference breakout sessions, parties, and more.



Conference ice-breakers and breakout activities.
Boost engagement and creativity.

Regular wellbeing sessions.
Foster ongoing mental health and team cohesion.

Private parties.
Add a unique, rhythmic touch to your celebrations.


BNI National Conference 2024

We were honoured to be asked to open the BNI UK & Ireland conference in Birmingham. We coached thirty novice Executive Directors to a level where they were able to perform on stage in front of 400 delegates.  The energy in the room was amazing and provided a magnificent start to a weekend of networking.