About Us

Susie Hurley

Founder / Beatkeeper

With a background in psychology and a natually empathetic nature, Susie founded Berkshire Wellness Circle to harness the mental health benefits of drumming. Passionate about community wellness, she now leads The Rhythm Space to bring these benefits to the corporate world.

Sophie Hurley-Trinder

Operations Management

Sophie combines her facilities management and communication skills with many years of drumming as a hobby to oil the wheels of the operation. She hopes to move into facilitiation to expand the offering of The Rhythm Space. 

Peter Hurley


Pete is Susie's long suffering husband and generously gives up his time to help with transportation of people and equipment. He wholeheartedly supports Berkshire Wellness Circle and its subsidiary efforts. 

What We Offer


Our drumming and percussion sessions are suitable for groups of between 5 and 50+ players. During a workshop lasting from between 30 minutes to a whole day, participants will practice using non-verbal cues for deeper communication and will learn how to bring their own creativity to the group while simultaneously giving and receiving support from other members. We will experience the power of group bonding to bring order to a  seemingly chaotic situation. Above all, while we acheive all this, we will be having energy boosting, stress releasing FUN!


Drumming workshops are suitable for:

  • Icebreakers
  • Group integration
  • Team celebrations
  • Conference breakout sessions
  • Wellbeing events
  • Parties
  • Regular wellness courses
  • And more


This will depend on your specific requirements but you can use the calculator below to get a rough idea of the cost for your event.